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Progress and Achievement Report
Fraternal Order of Police-Lodge 3F


Revision of all Police Standard Operating Procedures (Final Draft is Currently Under Review)

Monthly Productivity & Troubleshooting Meetings between the FOP and the Command

Retention of the "Police" Designation, in lieu of being strictly referred to as "Naval Security Force"

Alternate Work Schedule - Changing to the 5 & 2 Work Schedule

Revision of the Position Description(s) for Patrol Officer and Sergeant(Currently Under Review)

Installation of cable Television in the Dispatch Center

Authorization to Utilize Rotary Shell Station Car Wash Facilities

Establishment of a Functional Over-Time Distribution System

Resolution of Seniority Issues

Production and Distribution of the Patrol Reference Guide

Acquisition of the IACP Police Training Keys

Successful Negotiation for the Police Package Chevrolet Impala (Commitment Upon Ford Taurus Lease Termination)

Successfully Negotiated the Purchase of a New Hand-Held radar Unit

Successfully Negotiated the Purchase of New Police Equipment(Bicycle, Lightbars, ect.)

Hand Held radios Issued to Each Officer

Implementation of the Police Turtleneck/Dickie

Revision of the Phase II Training Curriculum

Implementation of the New Shoulder Patch

Password Protection-Storage of Individual Police
Officer's Reports

Resolution of All Grievances

Working to Support the Passage of H.R. 1228

Working to Resolve Jurisdictional Issues

Working to Begin Negotiations Towards the Ratification of a New Contract

Worked with CNRNE on Regionalization Issues